What language services do I offer?

General Translations

I can provide translations for all your business needs, whether you need to translate a website, a blog, a menu or an advertisement. I am also happy to proofread texts that you have already translated into English.

Technical Translations

I have professional experience in several sectors. As a result, I can offer expert English translations for numerous fields, including electronics, IT, aerospace, automotive, railway engineering, and manufacturing.

Subtitles and Voice-overs

If you are trying to reach new markets, audio-visual materials can be very effective. I am able to provide time-coded subtitles that adhere to industry standards and professional voice-over recordings to help you communicate with the English-speaking world.

Clients I Have Worked With

Do you have a translation project?

If you would like to talk in more detail about your translation needs, you can contact me by e-mail.

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